Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Team Nutrilite

Check out www.nutrilite.com and look up Team Nutrilite... This has inspired me to do something about my old 400m record of 50,2! For so many years I have had in the back of my mind that 49,something would look so much better.

I have kept a certain fitness level for many years but thanks to my great wife I have been able to have 3 Personal Trainer sessions with someone who is an expert on just this: take a 35 year old with a goal and work his butt off!

So maybe you want to see what is in store for the 1st 4 weeks...
3 workouts a week:
Day 1 : Strength (he had me on the leg press 3x6x220kg last week! normal for me is max 150!)
Day 2 : Steady Run between 5 and 10 km at around 70%max pulse with 5x full speed 30 sec each Max HR for me is 210)
Day 3 : 8x (2min on at 80% then 2 min easy )

It feels great! In addition I have been very concious of what I'm eating and drinking. This is where Nutrilte/Nutriway comes in. I take Nutrilite DoubleX 2x a day +Nutrilte Omega 3 Fish Oil + Nutrilite Fruit and Veg + Nutrilite B complex

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