Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strength Workout

To get the speed in the muscles the PT has had me do this strength workout with explosive technique in mind. This to get off the starting blocks quickly and get the legs moving quickly as soon as possible in the beginning of the 400.

Managed 3x6x220kg again yesterday! My gluts, adductors and other muscles are so sore.
Chest press 3x6x50kg
Leg curl 3x6x25kg on each leg
Pull down 3x8x70kg
Lateral raises 2x8x7kg
Front raises 2x8x7kg
Reverse flies in standing 2x8x7kg
For the abs:
side lying straight, on the elbow, raise the pelvis keeping the body straight and in plane hold for 10secs, 15 reps then 10 secs hold : x3!!
crunches and side crunches
back extensions

I wasn't feeling too thrilled about this workout on my own today but once I got going I really felt the buzz of reaching a goal in the near future. Was reminded at work today of how easily we can injured...a colleague managed to tear part of his calf muscle playing football. He's almost 40...

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