Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cashflow Club


It has been some time since my last mail. I have recently received renewed interest in the Club from people who have found me on the richdad.com site. Great!
What I propose is that we meet at Peppes Pizza at Nydalen in Oslo. They have a great room that is set aside from the rest, with a large meeting table and access to a projector.

In the past we have played Cashflow 101 and gotten to know each other through discussion of our experiences and goals. If you are still interested in meeting, please could you send me a mail telling me what expectations you might have from regular meetings. My ambition was and is to gather people who have discovered Kiyosaki’s principles, and want to expand further on these.

As some of you know I have chosen to build passive income through the principles described in R.Kiyosaki’s book Business School (promoting the benefits of Network Marketing). I continue to do so and meet regularly with successful business owners to reach new goals. The attachment to this mail is an invitation to such an event. I have known Trevor Lowe for 10 years and listening and learning from him inspires many industries. I would recommend this event to anyone looking to make changes in their financial future.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards


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