Friday, September 05, 2008

Well it's September and the training has been sporadic but my intake of Nutrilite Double X, Nutrilite Fruits and Vegetables, Nutrilite Omega 3 has been consistent. My latest trainng on the track I clocked 9x150m at 17,9 secs which puts me in the running for 54secs on the 400. So this doesn't look so impossible :-) check out

Had a scary experience just a week ago. Went for a run in the woods and got lost in the dark! Was just going for a 30 min run and it started getting dark when I took a wrong turn...2,5 hours later and 2 massive Moose in my path, I came home! BRING A HEAD LAMP you idiot. scary when you can't see more than the darkness in front of you and you're groping for the trees and lighting them up dimly with your watch to see the blue path signs... I'm sticking to track:-)

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